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Saturday, August 1, 2020

cheapest electric vehicle in the US -- and it comes from China It's called the Kandi K27

Affordability is tough when it comes to electric cars. Even mass-market EVs are often just a little out of reach for the average car buyer, especially considering how much further a dollar stretches when it comes to a traditional car with an engine.

So, can Kandi and its K27 tempt you with an unusually low price? This is a Chinese electric car that will be the most affordable EV for sale in the US later this year. Kandi revealed the K27 alongside the more expensive K23 model on Wednesday and plans to showcase both cars during a virtual event on Aug. 18.

Kandi K23

The K27 costs just $19,999. Kandi promises it's a no-haggle, no-nonsense price. And that's before the $7,500 federal tax credit. That's cheap for any new car, but, well, the price is sort of reflected in the K27's looks.

Honestly, it looks like some sort of weird Smart and Mini Cooper combination. If it snaps necks, it'll be because onlookers are curious what the hell just passed them. We only have one photo of the interior, but it looks pretty no-frills as well. There's a tablet-style infotainment screen (with a blue display that looks bricked in the photo?) and a gear selector below. Next to it sits a dial for various modes. I wouldn't expect soft touch points or anything fancy, but it should check off the box for basic transportation.